Samsung Galaxy Tab A FRP Bypass Android 11 without PC

Samsung Galaxy Tab A FRP Bypass Android 11 without PC

The short form of Factory Reset Protection is called FRP. It is a security feature developed by Google for Samsung phones. FRP protects your phone from unauthorized access. The situation is quite frustrating when you forget your password and are stuck on the FRP Lock screen.

There are many FRP bypass methods available on the Internet. But today, we will share the latest Samsung Galaxy Tab A technique.

In this method, you don’t need any application or computer. Follow these steps and unlock the FRP lock on your Samsung Galaxy Tab A.

User Guide For Samsung Galaxy Tab A FRP Bypass:

  1. Switch on your Samsung Galaxy Tab A.
  2. Click on Next. Connect to a WiFi network. 
  3. Go back to the Welcome screen.
  4. Insert a Pin locked Sim card on your tab.
  5. Type your pin and click on OK. Then quickly press the Power button to enable Stand-by mode. [ Remember, you have to be quick.]
  6. Tap OK, then the power button. [As fast as you can.]
  7. Now press the Power button again. Swipe Down the Not signed notification.
  8. Then click on Notification Settings.
  9. Open Gmail from there. Then select In-app Notification Settings.
  10. Click on the three-dots menu and select Manage Accounts.
  11. Click on Add account and select Exchange.
  12. Type your email address. Example: [email protected]
  13. Now click on Manual Setup on the bottom left side.
  14. Select Exchange.
  15. Click on Select on the Password page.
  16. Click OK on the pop-up screen: Set secure screen lock type.
  17. Select Pin. Then click on continue and set up Pin lock 1234.
  18. Now go back to the Setup Wizard.
  19. Setup initial steps. Enter pin 1234 to unlock FRP.
  20. Tap skip on the Google account page and complete the Setup Wizard.
  21. That’s it. FRP Unlocked. You can now use your phone.

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Frequently Ask Questions

  1. What is FRP?

    FRP means Factory Reset Protection lock. A security protocol to protect your phone from unauthorized access.

  2. What is the FRP Bypass Method?

    Ans. It is a method used to bypass Google Factory Reset Protection lock. These methods are not official. But works well.

  3. Is it possible to bypass FRP lock?

    Yes, it is possible to bypass FRP. You can bypass FRP on your Samsung Galaxy Tab A by following the abovementioned steps.

  4. How much does FRP bypass cost?

    Most of the FRP Bypass methods are free. There are some paid methods too. But the process we mentioned here is free of charge.

  5. What method can I use to bypass my Google account?

    There are many methods available on the Internet. But you can follow these simple steps we mentioned above to bypass FRP easily.

Final Words

Factory Reset Protection lock is a built-in feature. If you can’t remember your password, this method will help you out. It is one of the easiest Samsung Galaxy Tab A FRP Bypass methods. The process is so simple that anyone without technical skills can follow the procedure to bypass FRP on Samsung Galaxy Tab A. We are really glad to help you out. Have a nice day!

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