Samsung J7 Prime FRP Google Account Bypass without PC

Hey, welcome to my other FRP bypass solution blog. Are you finding the latest Samsung j7 Prime FRP bypass solution? Okay, this is the best FRP (Factory Reset Protection) solution for you. Here you get the last update solution to bypass Google account from the Samsung J7 Prime g610f FRP.

Why is my Samsung J7 Prime Google account locked?

Samsung J7 Prime is a popular Android device in the Samsung brand. Many users face the FRP Lock problem after updating to the Android 5.1.1 version. J7 Prime is built-in Android OS version 6.0.1 and upgradeable up to Android version 9.0, One UI. For this reason, many J7 prime users face the Google Account lock or FRP (Factory Reset Protection) Lock problem after doing the Factory reset or hard reset on their Android device.

On the online like Google search results, you have the various Google account bypass solutions for the Samsung J7 Prime. But these are all backdated or old solutions.

So the real thing is, here I will show you the best and latest 2 methods for Samsung j7 Prime Google account bypass with pc and without pc. Most of the time, FRP bypass tools are needed to bypass FRP. I have added all the FRP Bypass tools for Samsung J7 Prime in this post for your convenience. So let’s get started with the Samsung J7 prime FRP Bypass solution:

(Update) How to FRP Bypass Samsung J7 Prime with PIN lock SIM card

This is the latest method to bypass FRP Samsung J7 Prime. In this process, we need a PIN or FUK lock sim card. If you don’t know how to lock a sim with a PIN code, please follow this tutorial (here). Also, we need a strong wifi network to connect with the locked phone. The good news is for this process; you don’t need to download any third-party Samsung J7 Prime FRP Bypass APK or tools.

  1. First of all, connect your J7 Prime with a strong Wi-Fi network.
  2. Come to the welcome screen and insert a PIN lock-enabled SIM card into your phone.
  3. After Inserting the SIM, remove Pin locked sim & immediately press the POWER key. (note that try this process until you see the “not signed in” notification on your phone screen.
Samsung J7 Prime frp Google Account Bypass without PC
  1. Lift the “not signed in” notification from left to right and then tap on the bell icon > notification settings > Finally, click on the “Bluetooth Icon” and turn on the Bluetooth.
Samsung J7 Prime frp bypass without pc
  1. Click on the “Contact us” > Next > OK > Agree > Now update the Galaxy Store.
Samsung J7 Prime frp bypass with pc
  1. From the Bluetooth option, click on “Contact us” again > next > now the Galaxy Store will be opened.
Samsung J7 Prime frp bypass without pc
  1. Click on the search icon and search here: “Hidden settings for Android.” Install it on your phone.
  2. After installing, click on the Open > Tap on the Search icon
  3. After installing, click on the Open > Tap on the Search icon and search here “Choose screen” > tap on the “Choose screen lock.”
  4. Now create a new PIN or Pattern lock and then click on Understood.
  5. Finally, restart your FRP-locked Samsung Android device.
  6. After restarting, slide up on your device screen, then type or draw your recent PIN or Pattern lock.

How to FRP Bypass Samsung J7 Prime using Talkback

Suppose you don’t update your Samsung J7 Prime phone to Android version 9.0 or One UI and still use the Android OS 7.0 or lower version. This process may work for you. Here I share with you the favored method, which is called the FRP Bypass with Talkback method.

  1. Connect your J7 Prime with a Wi-Fi network.
  2. Turn on Talkback to press three times on the Home Button.
  3. Draw the capital letter “L” on your mobile screen.
  4. Now double-tap on the “Talkback settings.” Again press three times on the home to turn off TalkBack
  5. Tap on “Help & Feedback” > click on the search icon and search here “Voice.” Now tap on the second search result, “Get access with voice access.”
  6. Play youtube video > tap on share icon > again touch 3 dots > then the youtube app will be open.
  7. On youtube, click on 3 dots from the upper right side > click on settings > About > and go to the Google Privacy Policy.
  8. Google Chrome app will be open. Click on the URL bar, go to the “” URL, and download the FRP_Android_7.apk. Install it on your phone. Go back to this URL, and now download the FRP bypass APK. After the download is complete, install it. Click on Open.
  9. Click on the 3 dots from the upper right corner, then tap the Browser sign-in option. Now login to your Gmail account on your Android device.
  10. This is the solution for your Samsung J7 Prime FRP-locked phone using Talkback. If you find the Samsung j7 prime FRP bypass no talkback solution, please follow 1st method.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

This is a very tricky process. Please follow my full post carefully. I think you can bypass FRP on Samsung J7 Prime easily.

There are many FRP bypass tools online. But here I shared the best and tested FRP bypass tools direct download link. So follow the given link and download the FRP File for Free.

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